Aristo Loader

Aristo, a Biggplus group IT company, closely monitors the IT developments, including database and web applications, and offers competent solutions to the world of loyalty and e-commerce with the effective applications it has implemented.

In this context, award sites, online shopping software and content portals stand out.
The club applications we have developed both bring customers together with the masses and ensure customer loyalty. Aristo designs the mechanisms of sales and reward campaigns of customer-specific reward sites.

In the same way, processes such as point earning and espending calculations, category-based gift placement, order tracking,
and reporting are performed by the software team. Aristo is able to meet hundreds of thousands of online orders every day with its own developed special software and strong IT infrastructure.

Thanks to our special ssoftware, loyalty programs can be customized according to the demands of the brand and campaigns can be created on a user basis.
Global Employee Rewards and Social Recognition Platform

The Biggstars Employee Rewards and Social Recognition Platform, increases employee motivation and productivity by rewarding employees in an intranet social environment, enhances internal communication and creates a culture of appreciation through web and mobile based applications by leveraging corporate values.

The application, which facilitates performance management and enables managers to monitor employee performances within the framework of company values, allows successful employees who achieved their goals.

Employees can also send congratulations and thanks to their teammates and colleagues who support them from other departments within the organization within the framework of their duties through this platform. Biggstars software with multi-language option is designed to serve companies not only in Turkey, but all over the world.

Dealer Rewarding, Campaign and Content Management Application

As a REWARD, CAMPAIGN and CONTENT MANAGEMENT application for dealers, BIGGCLUB aimed at increasing the loyalty and sales performance of dealers with product and content supported campaigns on sales and distribution channels.

The BiggClub software operates the Loyalty Club and Content Management developed by Sanal Mağaza. It aims to bring together loyalty club members located all over Turkey, announce campaigns and offer them special opportunities.

Rewarding Sales Teams
We are setting up a loyalty program system so that your sales teams can establish a trust-based, connected and sustainable partnership at their sales points. It is a loyalty project, where sales representatives can earn different advantages with points and special rewards as they meet the turnover goals and campaign requirements.

Sales Teams Earn Points from Sales
By combining the data of sales teams on a single platform; Get a complete picture of the product sales demographics, behaviors and interactions

• An environment of competition between employees is formed,
• Prevents entry of competing products,
• Increases products in sales channels.
• Multiple incentive currencies,
• Voucher & Coupon management,
• Allows you to achieve goals.

End User Rewards and Benefits Application

Biggymobil is a mobile rewarding platform that allows end users to earn points as they shop and allows them to spend those points not only at the point of sale but also in the reward portal BIGGREWARDS.

After membership, customers download the BIGGYMOBIL application, type the brand specific project code and LOG IN to the system. They scan the vouchers pointing to the products they have purchased and upload them to the system (QR code reading is possible).

On your company's page, customers get information about your brand and your campaign announcements. Moreover, they are informed about how many points and rewards they will earn or each product if they buy from your brands. Members access all their own reports on the My profile tab and view their score details.

Through a user-friendly DASHBOARD, you can access dozens of KVKK-approved reports, such as location information, who buys your brand's products, which products are preferred the most. Therefore you can create your own BIG DATA for your new sales.

Among the 25,000 products in BIGGYMOBIL, which includes more than 900 brands, the customer gets the gift they want with the option of POINTS or CASH + POINTS

The Most Comprehensive Award Points Site in the World

Turkey's the richest reward points application Biggrewards, which can be customized according to the demands, presents 850+ popular brands and 15,000+ products, brands that are not available anywhere, digital gift certificates, travel experience, opportunity and advantages that provides creative solutions to demands of each customer and company.

Biggrewards Online Rewards and Advantages World, which the participants access by paying with Biggpuan or Credit Cards, brings a new breath to the world of Loyalty Programs with 10,000 gifts and advantages (Opportunity Products and Discounts).

Biggpuans can be used by participants who are members of the system on sitesinde kullanılabiliyor.

Worldwide Delivery to 95 Countries
We are delivering our reward projects to 95 countries together with our worldwide logistics centers and business partners and make our shipments. We serve to our valuable customers with our wide range of products and shipment process and we are also significantly becoming reputable and dominate in the global market.

Integrated with the software of loyalty programs aimed at the end user, dealer/agency and employees, Biggrewards breathes new life into the award with 850 brands and more than 25,000 product varieties in 30 main categories.


Save Money with Promoportal, which is Exclusive to Your Company!

Promotion Portal is developed by On-Net Worldwide Products and designed for companies which have dealer and/or agency organizations. This on-line platform will offer your dealership organization the opportunity to purchase products with your company Logo in a more controlled and corporate manner. Above all, you will be able to save money during your purchase process and gain the control over marketing expenditures with a wide product range.

• Closed circuit and exclusive to your company
• In line with your corporate identity
• Online payment or payment via open credit option
• Product choices without any stock risks
• Order possibility for 1 piece or 1.000 pieces
• Cargo in 24 hours starting from 1 piece; special logo printing starting from 100 pieces
• Storage, Logistics and Delivery Tracking all from one center
• Delivery in 48 hours
• Time saving
• Providing a standard quality in printing


Save Extra Revenue with Brand Shop Designed for Your Company!

Brand Shop is a customized web site which enables you to offer and sell branded products. You may enhance your brand recognition and your profit by proceeding your marketing activities via a customized brand shop which brings together the end users and merch products.

• Web Based
• Member number and password (Closed Circuit)
• Online payment module
• One-stop dispatch
• Even a single piece can be bought
• Qıick delivery in 24 hours
• 7/24 order opportunity